Lunatic Villas is a small group of emerging artists intent on writing about Marian Engel. Our title is derived from Engel’s last complete novel.

Here’s a little bit about us (so far:)

Peter Gibbon is a writer who currently resides in Toronto, Ontario. He has been published in a few places. While living abroad, he wrote a blog called Conduit Canada. Here are some of his poems online: http://puritan-magazine.com/index-of-goodbyes/  http://www.thesteelchisel.ca/february2014_04.html

Tanya Decarie is a writer and artist who has worked on various literary publications (most infamously, Ottawa’s now-defunct sex-lit mag, The Moose & Pussy.) Her website is here: http://www.tanyadecarie.com/


Contact us, please. More info will be going up as the project develops.


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