“Best book in Canadian Literature”: National Post

The National Post reviewed Marian Engel‘s Bear this morning, describing it as “the best Canadian novel of all time.” Wow. Engel, who did not live to hear praise like this in any form… who knows what she would have thought? Well, we might. Let us take a stab at it:

old engel

This January, we will be launching the first instalment of a graphic novel inspired by the life and work of Marian Engel. Her life was full of wonderful relationships, brilliant work and compelling stories. The year 2015 will mark the 30th anniversary of Engel’s death. Since she can’t, why not tell a story about her?

This blog will be one source to follow the process of writing and illustrating this story. We believe that communities make work good, so please participate.

Our first issue will cover Engel’s childhood. Anyone curious what a prepubescent Engel might say to the National Post?

young engel

(illustrations by Tanya Decarie)

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