7 Days (Launch on 25 January)

Hey there, Lunatics!

We’ve been living in insulated basements since the beginning of 2015, so there hasn’t been a lot of activity on our blog. We have been busy, though! We have set up a launch event with our friends Meat Locker Editions.

The facebook event is here, with all the pertinent info:


We are in the final stages of production for issue 1! The pages have been inked and scanned. Tanya is currently colouring the panels digitally and Peter is making speech/thought bubbles and scrutinizing fonts. We will be launching online the day of our reading, SUNDAY JANUARY 25th! so if you can’t make it to the Launch Event (see: link to facebook event above) curl up with your laptop or tablet and enjoy the beginning of our year-long story. While you’re at it, why not pick up a Marian Engel book to read between our issues? Try this one for starters.

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